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EGFR Pathway Map
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EGFR Pathway Map
A molecular interaction map that describes most interactions involved in the metabolic syndrome for adipocyte, hepatocyte, skeletal muscle cell, and pancreatic beta cell.
The map is prepared for the following paper:

Kitano, H., Oda, K., Kimura, T., Matsuoka, Y., Csete, M., Doyle, J., Muramatsu, M..
Metabolic Syndrome and Robustness Tradeoffs, Diabetes 53, S6-S15, 2004
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The model and the description is available at Molecular Systems Biology

Oda,K.; Matsuoka,Y.;Funahashi,A.;Kitano,H.;
A comprehensive pathway map of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling. May 25, 2005.

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  • Map in XML format (created by CellDesigner 2.2) *SBML with CellDesigner annotations. PubMed IDs are embedded in the notes of the reactions/components.

  • Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Pathway Map (2005/1/17)

  • Map in PDF format

  • Map in XML format (created by CellDesigner 2.0) *SBML with CellDesigner annotations

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