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News - June 2007
- Jobs:Post-doc in Systems Biology of Cancer. For details, check Jobs section.
-New link to The Netherlands Institute for Systems Biology (NISB).
- Conference Update: RECOMB (2007.6.5)
- Jobs: (2007.6.5)
News - May 2007
- Call for Abstract: ICSB-2007 (2007.5.31)
- Jobs: (2007.5.11)
- Jobs: Postdoctoral position (2007.5.10)
Site Updates - April 2007
  • Jobs Postdoc in systems biology
  • Links New systems biology unit in biotech R&D park in Portugal.
  • ConferenceCFP: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: from Molecules to Cells to Organisms,Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, Jan 4-8, 2008, the big island of Hawaii
  • News Feb - Mar 2007
    - Conferences Update (2007.3.26)
    --5th Pathways, Networks and Systems Conference, June 25-29, Porto Heli, Greece
    --Summit on Systems Biology, June 5-7, 2007, Richmond, Virginia
    Check also Up-coming Conference Calendar 2007.

    - Jobs: Senior Research Scientist (2007.3.22)
    ADIT Postdoctorial position at Siena Biotech. For details, check Jobs section.

    - Conference: Metabolomics Society 3rd Annual Conference (2007.3.22)
    Metabolomics Society 3rd Annual Conference
    June 11-14,2007 Manchester, UK
    Check also Up-coming Conference Calendar 2007.

    - Jobs: Senior Research Scientist (2007.3.13)
    Plant Systems Biology and more. For details, check Jobs section.

    - Jobs: Post-Doc Position (2007.3.8)
    Post-doctoral positions at the Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology Unit, Institut Curie, Paris, and more...For details, check Jobs section.

    - Conference Calendar 2007 (2007.3.8)
    Check Up-coming Conference Calendar 2007

    - Call for Participation on Pathway Curation (2007.3.2)
    PANTHER Pathway is a community effort to build up the pathway database with curation. Please contact pathcuration at pantherdb.org for any questions.

    - Jobs: Post-Doc Fellow (2007.2.6)
    new position in computational methods for systems genetics, and in computational platform development. For details, check Jobs section.
    News Jan 2007
    - CellDesigner 3.5.1 Released (2007.1.10)
    Download CellDesigner3.5.1
    - Jobs: BioPharmaceutical Applications Engineer (2007.1.5)
    new positions are posted in Jobs section.
    - BioPharmaceutical Applications Engineer for The MathWorks (MATLAB)
    Human Frontier Science Program Publishing launches the HFSP Journal (2006.10.12)
    Strasbourg, October 12th

    HFSP Publishing is proud to announce the launch of the HFSP Journal, Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Research in the Life Sciences.

    The HFSP Journal aims to foster communication between scientists publishing high quality, innovative interdisciplinary research at the interface between biology and the physical sciences.

    Dr. Valerie Ferrier
    Managing Editor
    Tel + 33 (0) 3 88 21 52 83
    info @ hfsp-publishing.org
    HFSP Journal homepage http://hfspj.aip.org
    Jobs: a Senior Research Scientist - Network/Pathway Analyst (2006.7.22)
    For details, see Jobs section.
    CellDesigner 3.2 Released (2006.7.5)
    CellDesigner3.2 now support libSBML, a standard SBML library. You can handle files smoothly from modelling to simulation. It also supports Java 5 and Intel Mac.
    Download CellDesigner3.2
    Jobs: Post-doctoral position for Computational Systems Biology of Cancer (2006.7.5)
    For details, see Jobs section.
    CFP: ICSB-2006 Poster Abstract Deadline July 1st. (2006.6.7)
    Internatinoal Conference on Systems Biology 2006 (ICSB-2006)
    Oct 8 - 13, Yokohama, Japan
    Poster Abstract Submission deadline: July 1st.
    For details, please check
    CFA:Cold Spring Harbor/Wellcome Trust Conference INTERACTOME NETWORKS (2006.5.25)
    Announcing the approaching abstract deadline for the 2nd Cold Spring Harbor/Wellcome Trust meeting on Interactome Networks, June 7, 2006. For details, check http://meetings.cshl.edu/meetings/interuk06.shtml
    New Books (2006.5.25)
    "An introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits" by Uri Alon to be published in June adn more books in Resources / Books section
    CFP: International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB) (2006.4.24)
    International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB)
    Oct 18 - 19 2006, Trento, Italy
    Questionnaire on Modeling and Systems Biology (2006.4.7)
    Standardization is an important issue in biological research and in computational modeling of cellular processes. In order to foster this process, it is necessary to get an overview on modeling and representation tools and techniques that are used by the scientific community. The presented questionnaire shall also give the user the opportunity to express needs and demands for standardization and new developments in the area of systems biology. The aim is to support the exchange of experience and of models between researchers from different fields and regions.
    This questionnaire is supported by the EU-funded project Yeast Systems Biology Network. Collected data will be published on the YSBN web site (ysbn.org) and used for a report in an anonymous way. No personal data will be given to third party or used for any other purpose. Data submission is voluntary. It is not necessary to answer all questions. Even partial information is welcome.

    The questionnaire can be found at
    CFP: 3rd Integrative Bioinformatics Workshop (2006.4.3)
    3rd Integrative Bioinformatics Workshop
    September 4-6, 2006
    Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom http://www.rothamsted.bbsrc.ac.uk/bab/conf/ibiof/
    Accepted papers will also appear in the Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics http://journal.imbio.de/
    CellDesigner 3.1 Released! (2006.3.24)
    CellDesigner3.1 speeds up its performance and and some bug fixes...
    Stie update (2007.12.04)
    - Conference:Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing, July 3-6, 2008
    Salzburg. 6th Pathways, Networks and Systems Medicine Conference, 16-21 June 2008; Chania, Crete.
    - Jobs: PhD Positions: Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Cell Death. For details, check Jobs section.
    Site update (2007.11.13)
    - Courses: Molecular Evolution and Comparative Genetics, 3-7 December 2007. 1 Week Course at the University of Oxford,UK, http://bioinfomsc.stats.ox.ac.uk/subjects/MECG.html
    - Conference: Call for Papers
    World Congress on Computational Intelligence, June 1-6, 2008, Hong Kong Special Session on Evolving Gene Regulatory Networks http://www.soft-computing.de/EC20.html
    Site update (2007.10.31)
    - Courses: Computational and Systems Biology Course at CoSBi, March 10-14, 2008, The Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for
    Computational and Systems Biology, Trento, Italy
    Site update (2007.10.17)
    - Courses: Systems Biology 1 week course at the Oxford Bioinformatics Programme: http://bioinfomsc.stats.ox.ac.uk/subjects/SysBio.html
    Site update (2007.9.21)
    - Jobs: Systems Biology Modeller, Research assistant or postdoc researchers on computational systems biology projects in the Alzheimer's disease. For details, check Jobs section.
    - Conference:The 7th Annual ORFeome Meeting: ORFeomes and Systems, Oct 24-26 Boston, MA, ttp://www.orfeomemeeting.org/
    Site update (2007.8.31)
    - Jobs: Faculty Position in Plant Biology. For details, check Jobs section.
    -Conference: 2008 Calendar updated.
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