CellDesigner Help

Plot Area

You can run simulations in a batch job to scan parameters. By setting the range and interval of each parameter to scan, "ControlPanel" runs the simulation with each parameter changing within the specified range with the value incremented by the specified interval.

To highlight a plot and a node:

  1. Click a cell of the "Species" column in the right panel
    ( the corresponding plot will be highlighted).
  2. Click on a plot
    (the corresponding table data on the right panel will be highlighted).

To change the graphs plot displayed in the plot area:

  1. Check checkboxes in the "Visible" column in the right panel.
  2. The graphs plot of checked species is displayed.

To change the color of a plot:

  1. Click a cell in the "Color" column on the right panel.
    ("Pick a color" dialog appears)
  2. Select a color and click the "OK" button.
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