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SBML models for KEGG

All SBML files in this directory were converted from KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia on Genes and Genomes) by using our conversion script kegg2sbml with the permission of Professor Minoru Kanehisa (Kyoto University).
The conversion was performed by Akiya Jouraku, Nobuyuki Ohta, Akira Funahashi and Hiroaki Kitano, as part of the JST ERATO-SORST Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project. Publication of papers and other documents based on this database must include proper acknowledgment of this fact.

SBML models for KEGG Metabolic Pathways (Released 2008.08.09)

Source Databases:
* KEGG Metabolic Pathways Release 47
* LIGAND 2008-07-28 (daily snapshot)

Downloadable tarballs (72,095 SBML files cotained in each tarball):
* SBML files without CellDesigner's tag : [Level-2 Ver-1 |Level-2 Ver-3]
* SBML files with CellDesigner's tag :      [Level-2 Ver-1]

[previous tarballs dated 2004-6-16]

posted 2008.08.07