Pathguide contains information about biological pathway resources, which are free and supporting BioPAX, CellML, PSI-MI or SBML standards.

posted 2009.12.16

GPSE: Genome Proteome Search Engine

GPSE or Genome Proteome Search Engine uses google based custom search option to facilitate data integration in the life sciences. Through GPSE one can search thousands of life sciences database from a single interface for a gene or protein of interest a much needed use for systems biology.

posted 2008.08.12

BioModels Database is a human-curated database of annotated, published computational models. It was developed by the EBI and is part of the broader initiative.

posted 2003.04.01

PANTHER Classification Systems

Panther pathway module that contains over 80 signal transduction pathways all created using CellDesigner

posted 2003.04.01