• Intuitive User Interface
  • Display Species and Compartments in color
  • Block Diagram support
    - Extract the control relationship between Proteins from the pathway diagram.
    - Describe and Verify the Modifications/Activations Logic.
  • Extensive Notes Description (to Compartment, Species, Reaction, Protein)
  • Support New Symbols
    - Relationship between elements: unknown catalysis, unknown inhibition.
    - Residue Modification: Hydroxlated
  • SBML Level-2 and Level-1 Compliant
  • Export Lists to CSV format
  • Export diagram to PNG format


Operating Environment:

CellDesigner 2.0 beta requires Java2 Runtime Environment (JRE1.4.2 or later) on Windows (98SE or later), MacOSX (10.3 or later), and Linux with X Window System.

Please feel free to contact CellDesigner Development Team (celldesigner @ systems-biology.org) for any questions or bug reports.