CellDesigner 3.0 alpha release is a preview version of upcoming formal release. The intention of this preview release is to provide you with a feel of a new notation that enhanced previous process diagram into gene and RNA, as well as protein complex structure.

Please note that functions of this preview version is substantially restricted as the sole purpose of the alpha release is to show the new notation. Version 3.0 implements most part of notations described in Kitano, et al., "Using Process Diagrams for the Graphical Representation of Biological Networks", Nature Biotechnology, August 2005.

For any serious work, please use on-going version CellDesigner 2.2 (or 2.5 which will be released shortly).

Note: you can NOT SAVE YOUR MODEL with this version. You can open and edit your SBML model (which includes a model created by CellDesigner 2.x). You can also export your model to image file (JPEG, PNG, SVG) for your publication, CSV and pure SBML file for simulation. The exported pure SBML file doesn't contain graphical information, but other information such as kinetic laws, parameters, initial concentrations etc. are stored.

Operating Environment:

  • Windows (98SE or later)
  • MacOSX (10.3 or later)
  • Linux with X Window System

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