A new notation that enhanced previous process diagram into gene and RNA, as well as protein complex structure. Version 3.0 implements most part of notations described in Kitano, et al., "Using Process Diagram for Graphical Representation of Biochemical Networks", Nature Biotechnology, August 2005.

CellDesigner3.0 supports simulation and parameter scan by an integration with SBML ODE Solver. By using CellDesigner3.0, you can browse and modify existing SBML models, create a new model with references to existing databases, simulate and view the dynamics through an intuitive graphical interface.


Operating Environment:

  • Windows (98SE or later)
  • MacOSX (10.3 or later + Java 1.4.2_05 or later)
  • Linux with X Window System (Fedora Core 4 or later)

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