fcsb2008-66_a320.gifThe first International Workshop on Future Challegne for Systems Biology workshop was held 4-6 February, 2008 in Tokyo. The workshop was organized by the BBSRC(Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK) and JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). About 100 researchers were participated in the three-day event. The Tokyo Declaration was adopted on the last day of the sessions.
The Tokyo Declaration
"Recent advances in Systems Biology indicate that the time is now ripe to initiate a grand challenge project to create over the next thirty years a comprehensive, molecules-based, multi-scale, computational model of the human ('the virtual human'), capable of simulating and predicting, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, the consequences of most of the perturbations that are relevant to healthcare.
The JST and BBSRC are encouraged to join forces in order to create a collaborative program between Japan and the UK to drive this project forward."
(full text >> workshop website.)
Hosted by: Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST),
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK (BBSRC)
Supported by: British Embassy in Japan, The Systems Biology Institute