Got an outstanding new idea in synthetic biology?

ITI Life Sciences, a division of ITI Scotland Ltd., seeks to fund research and development opportunities which will contribute to an innovative Gene & Genome Synthesis and Assembly programme. ITI seeks innovative approaches that will make gene & genome scale synthesis readily available to a broad researcher base.

ITI is also interested in the use of enabling technologies arising from other fields such as microfluidics.

Following the publication of our comprehensive Foresighting Report, we believe outstanding new opportunities are emerging within the field of Synthetic Biology, with a focus on Gene & Genome Synthesis and Assembly. Over the past three years ITI Life Sciences has committed over £50 million ($100 million) to R&D programmes ranging from biomarkers and point-of-care diagnostics to stem cells and drug discovery in Ubiquitin Signaling.

We actively manage funding with a long term view and look to transcend traditional scientific boundaries to generate market-focused intellectual assets for exploitation by existing and new companies. ITI has a proven track-record of working with entrepreneurial organisations and ensuring the profitable onward commercialisation of programme outputs.

Responses are invited from companies, agencies, institutes, consortia, academia and individuals. No geographical restrictions apply.

If you have an outstanding new idea, we'd like to hear from you.

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