CellDesigner 4.0 is the enhanced Graphical Notation version, based on SBGN Level 1 proposal. Other new features and updates in CellDesigner 4.0.

* If you create/edit a file with this new version, your model will not be able to open with the lower version of CellDesigner.
Please check the file compatibilities.

Operating Environment:

  • Windows (XP or later)
  • MacOSX (10.4 or later)
  • Linux with X Window System (Fedora Core 4 or later)

>>Install Instructions

NOTICE: (2008/08/08) We have found serious bugs in CellDesigner4.0, and we are preparing the bug fix version now. We would strongly recommend you to wait for the bug fix version 4.0.1. If you want to try 4.0 features, please be aware of the following bugs.

- Notes data may be lost when saving the file.
- SBW connection: CellDesigner annotation data is not passed to SBW modules.
- Database link to Genome Network Platform is not working
- Incorrect error messages for simulation.

Major Features:

  • Enhanced Graphical Notation
  • CellDesigner's Graphical Notation conforms to SBGN (Systems Biology Graphical Notation) proposal (as of April 2008 draft).
  • Enhanced KineticLaw Edit Dialog: MathML rendering in KineticLaw.
  • Simulation / Control Panel enhancement
  • Export Species/Reactions information including Notes into CSV file
  • Validation of files when opening (libSBML3)
  • Native file chooser support for Mac OS X
  • Enhanced Edit Functions
  • [Layout] menu: Automatic Layout function (using yFiles layout library.)
  • Layer Function (alpha version) to add comments / arrows on top of the models.
  • Database link to Genome Network Platform