Are you interested in interdisciplinary research in mathematics, computing and biology?

New high-throughput technologies in biology have opened up exciting opportunities for numerate scientists to work in advanced areas of biological research. Our programme takes students from a variety of backgrounds (statistics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics) and gives them a structured training during their PhD, tailored to their needs. Each project is jointly run by two supervisors, one with a background in modelling or computational analysis and one with an experimental research programme. The student is integrated into the research teams of both research groups.

Applications are invited from EU students for 4-year PhD positions under the graduate education programme (GREP) of the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET). Most studentships commence Oct 2009.

Projects currently available:

  • Infection: Comparative genomics of pathogenic yeast
  • Networks: Biological patterns in networks of protein and gene interactions
  • Signalling: Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Cell Signalling
  • Cancer: Alternative Transcript Expression in Malignant Melanoma
  • Infection: Functional genomics of mycobacteria-macrophage interactions in cattle
  • Plant Systems Biology: The cis-regulatory code underlying plant development
  • Health and disease: The Transcriptomic Phenotype of Human Adipose Tissue
  • Statistics: Epigenetic/transcriptional integration from next generation sequencing
  • Statistics: detecting alternate splice variants using next generation sequencing
  • Modelling evolution: Modelling the evolution of protein interactions and motifs
  • Thrombosis/signaling: Discovery of oligopeptides modulating platelet signalling
  • Virology/signaling: Short linear protein motifs in HIV signalling in host cells
  • Computational chemistry: Structurally constrained peptides as peptide mimetics
  • Subcellular location: Determinants of protein localization in mammalian cells
  • Systems Biology: Spatiotemporal code of signal specificity and pathway crosstalk
  • Systems Biology: Design principles of regulatory and metabolic networks
Application procedure and further details:

10 of these studentships are funded by IRCSET. They fund student stipend (€16,000), fees, some lab consumables ( up to €5,000 per year), and travel budget to allow the student to get work experience abroad and industrial work experience in a company in Ireland or abroad. 4 studentships are funded by SFI (Science Foundation Ireland).

Contact Details: ( Closing date: 30th March 2009