What's Garuda? 
To extract meaningful information and knowledge from large-scale, multi-dimensional data in biology and medicine, researchers need to use a diverse set of computational tools, algorithms, database and analytical services.
Researchers face familiar problems 
  • How can I discover the right tools for my data set and the scientific problem I wish to address? 
  • How can I connect the different tools, services and databases for my analysis? 
  • How can I navigate through the different tools, services and databases in my analysis pipeline? 
It extremely challenging to develop a single, stand-alone system which can integrate diverse sets of data and analysis techniques. Instead, a platform which connects the diverse components through open interfaces, and allows the community to discover and navigate through them, can provide a unique collaborative eco-system. 

c.f. "Software for systems biology: from tools to integrated platforms"  Nat Rev Genetics 12, 821-832 (Dec 2011).

Garuda is an open, community-driven, common platform that provides a framework to connect, discover and navigate through different applications, databases and services in biology and medicine.

Garuda provides language independent API to connect software as gadgets, explore them through the gateway and operate them through the dashboard, all the while supported by a global alliance of leaders in computational biology and informatics.

What's New? 
  • Garuda 1.1 beta is a bug-fix and protocol update release which incorporates features requests and feedbacks from the beta user community. 
  • Updated protocol support for Garuda Core and Dashboard. 
  • New version of all gadgets with support of Garuda protocol 1.1 
  • Excel Support 1.0 alpha - Garuda 1.1 supports communicating with Excel!!